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Who are we?

Find out more about what we do and why we’re
leading the way for site carpentry training.

We teach the next generation of carpenters to
become future leaders in the industry

We believe our experience, dedication to our trade and
rigorous health & safety measures make the perfect
foundations for exceptional courses.


Experienced mentors

Our mentors have worked within the industry for decades and are experienced in all aspects of the job.


Highly skilled

Our carpenters play a vital role in the education of our students, and with over 150 site carpenters under our umbrella, we really have the pick of the bunch.


Leading reputation

Our carpenters have helped establish a strong reputation, landing projects with some of the UK’s largest house building firms.

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Who are LJ Construction?

Who are LJ Construction?

LJ Construction delivers best-in-class Carpentry Contracting services to the nation's largest house builders.

With a commitment to Total Quality Management, Customer Care and Health & Safety via a highly supported team of carpenters, contracts managers and an administrative team, they can deliver first-class carpentry courses to budding carpenters in the UK.

What our students say

Will Hicks
George Capel
David Green
Sam Smart
I came to LJ Construction after working as a gardener for many years. I went straight into a site role working with a mentor. I've now got 3 trainees working with me and I am running the carpentry production on a site in Bicester. I love it.

Will Hicks

Carpentry Mentor

The Night School was perfect for me. I was working in removals up to 2021, I attended the 6-week course then I was offered a Trainee Position and haven't looked back since! I've just completed my first full fix on my own!

George Capel

Trainee Carpenter

I came here in 2017, I was working in a joinery workshop but wanted to earn more. The night school would have been great then, as I could have continued to work whilst training for site. I can now 2nd fix on site with a trainee, my earnings compared to the joinery are 50% more!

David Green

I joined LJ Construction in 2016 after coming through the college route. There was no work experience programme at the time but it sounds brilliant.
I started straight on site with a mentor, I now have 2 trainees working with me and I love it.

Sam Smart

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